Founded in 1855, Elmira College is a private, coeducational, Phi Beta Kappa college located in Elmira, New York. 

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EC became coeducational in 1969, 现在有大约800名全日制本科生, mostly residential students. The College also offers advanced certificatesmaster's degree programs, and non-credit courses for professional development.

The College is home to the Center for Mark Twain Studies,包括马克·吐温书房、马克·吐温档案馆和采石场. 该中心吸引了来自世界各地的吐温学者,是美国四个具有重要历史意义的吐温遗产之一.S.

A group of female students smile in front of the Mark Twain Study
Various memorabilia in the Mark Twain exhibit

Twain’s wife and College alumna, Olivia Langdon Clemens, was an Elmira, New York, native and member of the Class of 1864.

现在位于校园内的马克·吐温书房是这位著名作家写作的地方 The Adventures of Tom SawyerThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and other iconic works. USA Today 将马克·吐温研究命名为全国十大文学地标之一.

Quarry Farm, home to Twain’s in-laws and now under the stewardship of the College, is where Twain and his family spent more than 20 summers. 该网站被美国图书馆联合会和帝国图书中心命名为纽约州的文学地标之一, an affiliate of the Library of Congress Center for the Book.


Campus Traditions

Purple and gold colors. A competitive athletic spirit. Singing our Alma Mater. Traditions such as these help connect the Elmira community. We’re proud of our legacy, 我们期待看到学生们形成新的传统,与下一代领导人分享.


Mountain Day

院长安斯蒂斯·哈里斯于1918年10月在mg冰球突破豪华版下载创立了山地日的传统. The day is not a designated holiday, but rather a day in which classes are cancelled, allowing students, faculty, and staff to engage with each other in memorable and less formal ways.

In early years, students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a picnic lunch and hiked to Quarry Farm on East Hill. 他们还参加了游戏,种植项目,放松,享受丰富多彩的树叶. In recent years, Mountain Day has been more campus-oriented. After a number of morning activities, a picnic lunch is served to the entire campus community, and the remainder of the day is spent enjoying the fall weather, games, and outdoor events.


Holiday Banquet


节日宴会庆祝活动是EC历史悠久的传统中最古老的. 这是一个半正式的活动,开始了一个周末的传统节日庆祝活动. 

学生们和他们最喜欢的老师或工作人员一起在校园中心餐厅吃传统的感恩节晚餐. Faculty and staff serve the students dinner, carving turkeys and passing dishes in a family-style meal.

In keeping with tradition, 毕业班会赠送一件对学院有特殊意义的节日装饰品. 班干部给学院院长送去装饰食堂圣诞树的装饰品. At the end of the Holiday Banquet, 毕业班的成员们在传统节日歌曲中引领着教室.


Octagon Fair


This long-standing EC tradition offers a family-friendly day of fun, food, games, crafts, and entertainment for the entire community. 传统上,这一天的特色是一系列现场娱乐活动,包括mg冰球突破豪华版下载的无伴奏合唱团体的表演,以及EC Danceline等俱乐部和组织的示范.

In addition to entertainment, a variety of vendors, regional artisans, and student clubs offer items for sale such as baked goods, jewelry, artwork, pottery, plants, clothing, games, beauty products, and locally grown produce. Proceeds from the Fair benefit student clubs.


May Days

Students play water balloon dodge ball during May Days

五一节是mg冰球突破豪华版下载大学校园在温暖的天气里活跃起来的一周. Sink a classmate with a well-aimed throw at the dunk tank. Show off your inner rock star with the karaoke mic. Soak your classmates (and get soaked) with some water balloon dodgeball. Create some unique arts and crafts. Enjoy some detox after the long academic year. Dance around in a foam party. And gather around a fire to roast marshmallows for s’mores. 



Students walk with candles during Candlelight

Candlelight is one of the College’s most cherished traditions. This two-part, 令人心酸的仪式首先在秋季欢迎每个新生的时候举行,然后在四年后的毕业典礼前夕举行.

During Fall Welcome, 新生们在烛光下沿着通往the Puddle的砖砌人行道前进. After taking seats around The Puddle, 他们是由mg冰球突破豪华版下载社区的知名成员解决的. 领导新生迎新活动的高年级学生通常会坐在新生对面的水坑里. 秋季欢迎烛光仪式标志着在所有其他学生返回校园开始新学年之前,新班级最后一次聚集在校园里.

Four years later, 第二天早上,当同学们在毕业典礼前最后一次聚在一起时,烛光响起. 按照传统,毕业班要由两位同学致词, an “honorary patron saint” from the ranks of the faculty or staff, and one graduating student’s parent.

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